Park Operators

If you are a park operator, chances are you are familiar with the hassle and upkeep involved in trying to provide dry firewood for your customers. Outdoor firewood racks are often messy, impossible to keep dry, and attract a variety of local pests.  Plus, there is typically difficulty figuring out how to offer firewood for sale at any time of day.  Staffing for money transactions and restocking of low firewood supplies becomes problematic and expensive. 

The Firewood Express has your solution! Our firewood vending products offer the ability to sell dry firewood any time of day or night without the upkeep of traditional park firewood racks.  Because our machines are completely automated, there is no need to worry about making staff available solely for your firewood sale needs!  We allow you to provide not only good firewood to your customers, but the best firewood possible.

Just consider all of these great advantages to our firewood vending products versus the use of traditional firewood racks:

  • Allow your customers to purchase dry firewood any time day or night
  • No firewood shrinkage – pilfer proof design keeps bundles in tact
  • Complete accountability with concessionaires or other third parties
  • Reduces your staffing needs
  • Guaranteed dry firewood every time
  • Helps control pests
  • Enclosures can be designed to match your environment
  • Available with low or no upfront cost!

Park Operators, this is your opportunity to guarantee your park guests have access any time of day to dry firewood.   Offering firewood for sale by way of our firewood vending products is the easiest way to provide the best firewood for your guests’ outdoor fire needs.

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