Frequently Asked Questions

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Vending can increase your sales and profits in four ways.  While every case is different, we have found the following to be true:

  1. Accepting credit/debit cards will increase sales by around 30%.
  2. Decreased “shrinkage” from people taking more bundles then they purchased will save you 10 to 20%.
  3. After hours and shoulder seasons sales add 15 to 30%.
  4. No need to have a person manning your location, save on your payroll expense.

Credit/debit reader (available if you have cell phone coverage), bill acceptor, coin changer, and tokens. You can mix and match all of these.

They are designed to hold standard .75 or 1.00 cu ft. bundles. The design will allow for larger bundles up to 12 x 12 x 18. The unit can also vend boxed firewood.

Any bundling material except twine is okay.

Trailer Mounted Unit– up to 100 bundles
Self Install Unit – up to 100 bundles
Complete Site Unit – 60 bundles

With the debit card reader, you will have near-real time inventory data.