Firewood Dealers

The Firewood Express is the perfect solution for any firewood dealer who would like to increase sales, while at the same time making your work easier.  We can help you lower your costs as you watch your profits rise! 

With our firewood machine products, firewood suppliers are able to get retail pricing instead of wholesale prices, while still being able to provide the best firewood to your clients.  Plus, you will be able to differentiate your firewood products while keeping your overall costs down.

The Firewood Express allows you to increase your sales and profitability as you reduce labor costs.  Firewood machines provide your customers the ability to purchase dry firewood any time of day or night.  No need to have a sales person nearby — our fully automated machines take care of the work for you! And to further reduce your labor costs, our mobile firewood machine units allow you to load the units at your shop, limiting the amount of manpower and driving time needed to keep-up with your inventory.

Forget competing on price with retailers, our firewood machine products put you in control of your cost and profit margins.  Best of all, because you will be able to guarantee availability of the best firewood – and dry firewood – any time of day or night, you will reap the benefits of satisfied customers with every sale!

Find out now how you can get started earning more money with less effort today!

Call The Firewood Express at 231-313-3153 or complete our contact form and a representative will contact you shortly!