Design Details

The Firewood Express Design Details

Why make your customers buy firewood from poorly covered outdoor firewood racks or storage sheds when you can instead install our 24/7 units?

The Firewood Express’s vending machine offers both flexible design and money handling options. See below for details.

Firewood Machine Unit Design Options

All units utilize 120-volt operation and are sized to meet your requirements. Units require an enclosure that can be preexisting at your site or we can provide you with one of our enclosures. For the firewood dealer who sells seasonally, or firewood suppliers who travel to different outdoor events, we also offer trailer-mounted units.

Credit/ Debit and Coin Vending Options

Our firewood machines offer several different money handling options:

  • Bills only – no change
  • Credit/ debit cards only
  • Bills and coins with change
  • Bills, coins, and credit/debit cards with change

Other Unit Options Include:

  • Security and safety alarms
  • Landline and cell phone based alerts for unit status updates (example: reloading)

Call The Firewood Express at 231-313-3153 or complete our contact form and a representative will contact you shortly!