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Welcome to The Firewood Express

The Firewood Express provides state of the art firewood vending machines – perfect for any park or recreation venue that already offers firewood for sale. The Firewood Express units allow you to vend from 30 to over 100 bundles between service.

Having a unit on site makes your business’s firewood sales easier than ever! Firewood Express is ideal for:

  • Park Operators
  • Concessionaires
  • Firewood Dealers

In fact, Firewood Express is perfect for any independent business owner that wants to offer firewood for sale the easiest way possible! No more mess from poorly covered and kept wood racks, no limiting your firewood sales to business hours only. Our firewood vending units offers you a sleek, modular design  that enables your customers to purchase dry firewood any time, day or night.

Our firewood vendors look great anywhere!

  • Units ready to plug in and increase your firewood sales immediately!
  • Vending equipment only that can be installed within existing outdoor recreational buildings.
  • Trailer mounted units are available for seasonal locations.

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Prices from under $7,500!

For questions or ordering information, please call 231-313-3153

Call The Firewood Express TODAY at 231-313-3153 or complete our contact form and a representative will contact you shortly!

Trailer Mount

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Self Install

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For Sale

You own the unit outright and keep all the sales income.

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For Lease

Leasing units keep your initial expense down and allows entry at lower cost and for the unit to pay for its self.

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Revenue Share

We supply the unit, you supply the wood and we share the profits.

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3 Models to Choose From
Multiple Product Options Now Available